Star Falls


   This photo shows some of the high peaks of the Toas Pueblo land… The headwaters of Taos Pueblo Creek as seen from Eagle Nest Lake.


This is sacred Taos Pueblo Land and it is not open to the public.  I have hopes to get permission to hike into Star Falls next spring while it is high with snow melt.  The photo above is taken from Eagle Nest Lake.  The usgs topo map scales this fall to be 200 to 300 feet high.  From the photo above I would guess it to be closer to 400 feet high.  The sheer cliffs rise to near 1000’ on each side of Star Falls.  A photo taken from the top of the high cliff just north of the falls should be awesome showing Star Lake and Star Falls with the peaks behind them.  This is an amazing place.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map


one mile = approximately2¼ inches



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