Spruce Creek Cascades

Spruce Creek Box Cascade

The Spruce Creek “Box” is a canyon lovers delite...!!!


Spruce Creek Cascade...a sweet little 15 footer


Spruce Creek Box Spruce Creekat sunrise...



beta facts:

name- Spruce Creek Cascades

height- 15 to 20 feet are the highest waterfalls here but the entire cascade drops about 150’ in a few 100 yards

elevation- 6950’

GPS coordinates- ±33°17.594’N 108°43.319’W

flow- perennial trout stream

best season- wet times like Memorial Day of a wet year or July and August rainy season

accommodations- Gila Wilderness

ownership- Gila National Forest

access-  7 miles on trail with some bushwhacking and game trails

nearest town- Glenwood is about 10 miles west of here

fun fact- Gila high country’s BEST…!!!!! …but hard to get to…!!!!!



essay bro

Spruce Creek Cascades cut thru the Spruce Creek Box Canyon.  We found no waterfalls on Spruce Creek more than about 15 to 20 high.  However they are extra beautiful within the “Box” because the canyon walls are sculpted and sheer for hundreds of feet overhead.  This is a delightful place.


We did not have time to explore the “slot canyon” farther up stream, but it likely holds beautiful waterfalls of it own.  In fact every tributary is highly likely waterfall canidates because this whole area is waterfall prone.   Especially the two upper creeks that parallel Crevice Creek flowing off the north slopes of 10,643’ Black Mountain.  400’ high Crevice Falls here are great significance and splendid eye candy.  It is best to view Crevice Falls from the opposite side canyon outcroppings.


Hanging Rock Trail and Silver Drip Trail are the two most direct routes into the upper Big Dry Creek drainage.  Both have been abandon by the National Forest Service.  We will soon loose these “two most spectacular trails of the Gila Wilderness”.  They are both marked on the map below as “unmaintained trail”.  If we outdoor-people use these trails and care for them each time we hike them... they will be preserved... otherwise they will be lost.


Click this link to open a new updated & enlarged map: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/BigDryMapN.htm


Spruce Creek Cascades are found in the middle of the map below.

Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

Big&Little Dry Cree

______ONE MILE______


This upper Big Dry Creek area this some of New Mexico’s best waterfalls...!!!


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