Cañada del Agua Falls (spanish – Big Canyon of Water)

A recent visitor here tells me that the top portion off this waterfall has crumbled and caved in some... and, it has lost a lot of it’s beauty.

 Agua Falls

The highest of many waterfalls in Cañada del Agua…. “Canyon of the water”


beta facts:

name- Cañada del Agua Falls… in English this means “The Canyon of Water”

height- the highest of the many waterfalls in this canyon is about 30’ high

elevation- 6850’

GPS coordinates- ±36°10.396’N 105°47.947’W

flow- perennial spring

season- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- none… except a nice little parking lot that BLM made just for you at Ojo Sarco Falls.

ownership- public - BLM

access- 2 miles of difficult hiking with no trail

nearest town- Dixon is 4½ miles west of here

fun fact- this is VERY RUFF backcountry…!!!



essay bro:

It is a must for you to have very good topo map reading abilities to find your way into this place.  I highlighted the route I used in “light red” on the map below.  This is wild country…. You can almost feel a mountain lion nearby. 


(See also Ojo Sarco Falls & Trampas Falls )


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map

ojo sarco falls



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