Lost Falls

There are many individual cascades, cataracts and waterfalls on Lost Creek.  They all have their own personalities.  Several of these falls pictured below stack up on top of each other to form one very high continual waterfall.  This type of falls is called a “tiered waterfall.“     See the map below.



Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall 5a lo

This 2-tiered, 60’ drop, is what I call “Lost Falls”.  Lost Falls are found down within the middle of upper group of cascades on Lost Creek, which is the stream below Lost Lake.



These next photos are separate sections of “Upper Lost Creek Cascades” which drops a total of 320 feet continuous.  Each of these steeper falls… or tiers… are connected by cascades if not directly attached to each other… end to end…!!!

Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall1 lo       Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall2 fit to 3 lo        Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall3 fit to 2 lo

The first tier is about 30’ high.             These second and third tiers are connected directly to each other… 150 feet high or more.


Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall4 lo                 

…a 40 feet high tier


This photo below is 40 feet high Middle Lost Creek Cascades.

Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall6 lo 


This final photo below is “Lower Lost Falls” my favorite.  It’s about 35 feet high and is actually found in the lower portions of Wheeler Creek just before it conflues with East Fork Red River.  Wheeler Creek has grown into a nice size trout stream at this point.

Description: Description: Lost Cr Fall Lo lo 

Assigning heights to each of these waterfalls is truly impossible, as cascades cradle them above and below.







beta facts:

name- Lost Creek Falls

height- This 2 tiered, 60’ high waterfall is within a 300’ high continuous cascade.

elevation- 11,400’ to 11,100’

GPS coordinates- ±36°34.651’N 105°24.123’W

flow- even tho water rarely flows out of Lost Lake… strong perennial springs pour out below a short ways.

season- June thru Oct… early birds will fight snowdrifts but will see the most powerful water-show. 

accommodations- Wheeler Peak Wilderness

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- 5½ miles on Lost Lake trail #56 then downstream… and enjoy the water-show back to the trailhead

nearest town- Red River is about 9 miles North of here

fun fact- people who never leave the trail, never see these glorious waterfalls


essay bro

Upper Lost Creek Cascades are a very high and beautiful cascades/cataracts/waterfalls…

How high… is hard to say.

They drop 300’ and cut thru one single mass of bedrock.


Make yourself a copy of my map and please enjoy all of the many waterfalls of the upper Red River.

They’re some of New Mexico’s best…!!!


Right-click-save-as to make yourself a copy of our map below


To see a larger, updated and more detailed map of this entire Wheeler Peak Area, click here: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/TaosMtnsSEquad.htm

and here: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/TaosMtnsMap.htm


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map



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