Riito Cascadas = in English… “tiny” creek cascades

Riito Cascadas takes a 70’ high cascading tumble 5 miles southwest of Taos Ski Valley


beta facts:

name- Riito Cascadas … or in English “Tiny Little Creek Cascades”

height- 70’


GPS coordinates- 3634.076’N 10531.457’W

flow- small but perennial

season- May is best, but anytime is okay

accommodations- Hwy 150 and forest service campgrounds are close by

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- a couple hundred yard bushwhack from Hwy 150

nearest town- it is about 5 miles northeast to Taos Ski Valley and 5 miles south to Arroyo Seco

fun fact- very, very few people ever visit this place and it’s a quick access waterfall “fix”


essay bro

Riito Cascadas … or in English tiny, little creek cascades… is a spring fed, small perennial creek, but it’s flow soaks into the loose rocky earth a hundred yards above State Hwy 150… so after you have walked a couple minutes from your car, you will begin to enjoy the gurgling sound of a pretty little mountain creek beside you.  These cascades will be a pleasant surprise for you just around the first corner.


Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map



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