Sanchez Falls


beta facts:

name- Sanchez Falls

height- 100’

elevation- 6400’

GPS coordinates- 3543.500’N 10622.900’W

flow- perennial

season- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- none

ownership- public – Santa Fe National Forest

access- a 1.2-mile hike from forest road 289

nearest town- Cochiti Lake is 7.5 miles southeast of here

fun fact- this is a good one…!!!!



essay bro:

Between Santa Fe and Albuquerque on I-25, take exit 264 into Cochiti. Follow Cochiti Highway (Hwy 22) north past Cochiti Lake. After 2.8 miles, turn right onto Forest Rd 289 (the gate is not always open.) A high clearance vehicle is needed to drive 289. Follow the Forest road (3.5 miles) to a small parking space on the right side of the road next to a Dome Wilderness sign. This is the beginning of the Canada-Capulin Trail, #118.

Follow the Canada Capulin Trail past the abandoned Eagle Pumice Mine. You almost immediately drop into Eagle Canyon. After climbing out of Eagle Canyon, you enter Bandelier National Monument. You pass a pumice pit soon. Soon after this the trail descends into Sanchez Canyon. A permanent streams flows at the bottom on the canyon. You reach it 1.2 miles into the hike. The 100 foot high waterfall topples down a rock face to the right of where the trail meets the stream. Cross the stream and follow the trail out of Sanchez Canyon. The waterfall is visible on the trail out of the canyon, and is at its best during the spring runoff.                description by: Rob Weiner

Enhanced National Geographic 7.5’ topo map

one mile = approximately2.5 inches



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