West Fork Rain Creek Falls

Mostly unexplored and undocumented


Rain Creek is one of New Mexico’s best waterfall streams

Upper Rain Creek likely has 30 or more waterfalls of 20’ high or more... with several

close to 100’ high ...and a few possibly near 200’ high...!!!   


We have only visited and documented 1 of West Fork Rain Creek waterfalls... the 16’ high beauty found at the mouth of West Fork.  It appears in this photo below. (see map)

This photo was taken during extreme drought with very minimal flow... early June of 2018.  Some parts of Rain Creek were bone dry...! ! !  -say Hi to Devon-


It will be difficult climbing up and around this Lower West fork Rain Creek Falls... and it will be even more difficult bushwhacking all the way up West Fork to visit the high beautiful waterfalls there.  Rain Creek’s West Fork is extremely steep and brushy...! ! !  However, if you beat us get up in here and if you measure, GPS, document and photograph these wonderful waterfalls... Please be informed and know that you are required by international WAR CRIMES LAW to share all of your findings, notes and photos with us... within 5 working days... or else you will not be allowed to use our website for a LONG TIME…!!!!


The Mogollon Range holds the Gila Mountain’s highest elevations and gives birth to the largest upper Gila River tributaries.  Rain Creek is a fine trout stream draining the south slopes of the Mogollon Range.  Upper Rain Creek divides into three forks.  We refer to these three forks as East Fork Rain Creek, Middle Fork Rain Creek and West Fork Rain Creek.  Rain Creek is a fine perennial trout stream.  This south-flowing system is easily accessible via Forest Road 147 at the Rain Creek Trailhead (see map below).  Government maps and our map show that Rain Creek used to have a trail up it.  This trail was dropped from forest service maintenance years ago.  Today it is totally void of any maintained trails except for one trail-crossing.  Trail 189 descends from the Rain Creek Trailhead only to cross Rain Creek while continuing on east and immediately climbing up and out of Rain Creek Canyon.


Some of the old trails no longer exist.  Forest fires and the massive floods that followed the burns... coupled with discontinued maintenance, have allowed these old obsolete trails to desist.  Faint remnants of these appear for short stretches... then vanish with no warning. 


HOWEVER... the “Phantom” Gila Wilderness Trail Repairman has saved the trail leading up from the Rain Creek Trailhead to the Forks of Rain Creek.  This trail was originally called: Rain Creek Divide Trail.  He has been faithful.  He is a blessing to humanity…!!!

Click on this link to learn more and to see his amazing maps: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/WestFkMogo.htm


All of these photos are Google Earth Images

We have yet to explore this area...!!!

Three parts of this West Fork Rain Creek Waterfall are labeled A, B and C in the photo below.

GPS coordinates- ±33°15.717’N 108°40.071’W


Comparing Google Earth Images with USGS Topo maps we feel that the waterfalls you see in the photo above occurs at the confluence of two streams... or two separate branches of the West Fork Rain Creek.  This means that this waterfall is extra special- It is a double waterfall...!!!  2 waterfalls right beside each other and parallel to each other…!!!

A. will likely be about 200 feet high or more

B. barely shows in this photo but that just means that it is VERY SHEER.  But I like the fuzzy mist seen in the air, in this photo.  This falls should be about as high as A falls is and it will be parallel to A falls AND right beside it…!!!

C. is more of a cascade... maybe 60’ high...

This promises to be an AMAZING WATERFALL...! ! !

This waterfall appears over on the left-hand side of the map below.  It is marked by only one small word: falls and is found a short distance southeast of Sacaton Peak.


...and we thought you may like to see this image without the lettering... WOW.....!!!!

This waterfall is amazing and beautiful…!!!!  We cannot wait to visit it.....!!!

...you know... it is possible that even Rex Johnson has NOT seen this one...


West Fork Rain Creek has 3 tributaries.  Below is quite a waterfall filled gorge.  This image appears smaller because it is reduced in scale.  The high falls here may be 100’ high.  Perhaps this will all make more sense once we get there.

GPS coordinates- ±33°16.160’N 108°39.950’W at the downstream end – bottom of this photo




Right-click-save-as on our map below to print yourself a hard copy for your hike...


Or click this link to see a new updated & enlarged map: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/WestFkMogo.htm




To see the Trailhead click on this enlarged map: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/WestFkMogo.htm


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