Railroad Falls

This was a great find March 13, 2016.

Railroad Falls (in West Railroad Canyon) is a 100’ high tiered waterfall.  This photo below shows the 30’ high upper-most tier.

The second tier starts at the burnt log, showing in the lower right hand corner of the photo above... but the water turns 90° sideways here to drop down the second tier...

Therefore the upper tier cannot be seen in this photo below of the 30’ high second tier.

Two more lower tiers are shown in these next two photos...



beta facts:

name- Railroad Falls

height- 4 tiers- about 100’ total and the highest tiers are 30’ each

elevation- 7700’

GPS coordinates- ±32°56.286’N 107°48.639’W

flow- maybe perennial ???

season- March & April as well as August thru October

accommodations- campgrounds are nearby

ownership- Gila National Forest

access- 2.5 mile hike from Hwy 152 east of Emory Pass

nearest town- Kingston, NM

fun fact- This is an easy falls to visit but it is difficult to photograph


East Railroad Canyon has many small waterfalls (ten feet or less) –they are beautiful and quite popular


Enhanced USGS 7.5’ topo map



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