Hollinger Falls


Hollinger Falls is a 50’ high tiered waterfall.  This is the 20’ high lower tier


The 30’ high upper tier, pictured here, falls down thru an amazing slot of solid granite, with a calm pool in the middle


beta facts:

name- Hollinger Falls

height- 50’ high with two tiers… 20’ and 30’

elevation- 9200’

GPS coordinates- ±35°46.673’N 105°30.725’W

flow- perennial trout stream

season- summer and fall

accommodations- Pecos Wilderness Area

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest

access- 8 miles upstream from El Porvineer Trailhead.  The last mile has no trail

nearest town- Las Vegas is about 20 miles southeast of here

fun fact- sheer granite walls rise hundreds of feet straight up out of this waterfall


essay bro

Hollinger Creek is the largest tributary-source of Porvineer Creek.  It drains the northeast slopes of Elk Mountain.   You will find this waterfall within the far eastern portion of the Pecos Wilderness Area.


Because of government budget cuts the Forest Service cannot maintain as many trails as it used to.  As you can see by the map below Hollinger Canyon Trail is no longer maintained.  We are loosing this trail…and several others.  The only way this trail is to be saved, is for you and I to use it.  Get off of your beep go hike it man…!!!  It is beautiful…!!!


Enhanced USGS topo map

_________one mile_________


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