Brazos Box Falls

30’ high Brazos Box Falls thunders during May and June snowmelt runoff


beta facts:

name- Brazos Box Falls

height- 30’

elevation- 8520’

GPS coordinates- 3644.751’N 10623.521’W

flow- the Brazos River is likely the largest river contained entirely within the state of New Mexico

season- extreme kayakers see it in june but hikers have to wait til late summer or fall

accommodations- none

ownership- Private Land

access- a 3 mile canyoneering rock scamble from Corkin’s Lodge

nearest town- Brazos is about 9 miles west of here

fun fact- permission to trespass is absolute,,,!!!


essay bro

The Brazos River flows for almost 20 miles thru a spectacular, sheer-walled, granite gorge equal in proportions and appearance to Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.  Numerous waterfalls of 10 to 30 feet high splash thru this crevasse called  “The Brazos Box”.  If this were on public lands, it would likely be a national park… but it is not public.  It is private.  I recommend a multi-day vacation at Corkin’s Lodge, as resorting here you will enjoy the beauty, accompanied with a peace–of–mind that trespassing can never afford.


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