­West Fork Mogollon – Gila Wilderness, New Mexico

Our extensive exploring has exposed many unknown wonders in the Mogollon Range of the gila Wilderness, New Mexico.  We now wish to share all of our findings with you via this map below.  This is the ONLY map of its kind on earth.  Please enjoy it and share it with ANY and ALL.


Also of special interest is a discovery we have recently stumbled onto.  Check this out:  For years we have heard about a “phantom” trail repairman in the Gila Wilderness, who has long been repairing and maintaining trails that the feds have discontinued and abandoned.  Nate Bartnick and I caught him...!!!  RED HANDED...!!!  We caught him with his tools “in hand” repairing his favorite trail: Rain Creek Divide Trail.


Gasp...!!!  Should we “NUKE” him…????  ...or just scold him.  Maybe better yet, turn him over to the “feds” to prosecute...for trespass and vandalism...!!!


Quite rather... we appreciate him.  He wishes to remain anonymous... But WOW... he is doing a gigantic public service...!!!  He has faithfully corrected the many mistakes on USGS Topos.  At 75 years of age, he has correctly GPS’ed trails, springs and count-less other existing features... into their correct locations...!!!


We have now made “his info” as well as our own findings digital and public.

Right-click-save-as on this map below to keep a copy of it for your own files.  It is the only map of its kind on earth.


Click here to view EXTRA high-rez MAP files: North & South


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Right-click-save-as on our map below to save a file to your desktop and to print a paper hard-copy to hold in hand on your hike

Click here to view EXTRA high-rez MAP files: North & South

*Lookout Ridge Trail was tree-blazed decades ago... but was never completed.  The old tree blazes can still be seen today.

*Geronimo Falls video on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhnHc4kzHps

*see information webpages for the waterfalls shown on the map above:








Photo below is of Keyhole Arch in Rain Creek Canyon.  To see more natural arches in New Mexico click: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/NMArch.htm

The small rock formations below the arch, in this photo, seem to be as Munchkin Hoodoos admiring Keyhole Arch


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