Middle Fork Rain Creek Canyon

ACA Canyon Rating – 3A III

 Experienced Canyoneers Only

requires a full range of technical canyoneering equipment as well as multiple ropes…!!!



The first rappel in this gorge is shown above: a 40’ upper tier and a 20’ lower tier..... extremely beautiful.....! ! !

Below is a 150’ maybe 175’ rappel... note the man “on rappel” with his yellow rope... This is the high falls tht shows on Google Satellite Image.



beta facts:

name- Middle Fork Rain Creek Gorge

length of slot canyon- maybe a quarter mile

elevation- 0’ at the top down to about 0’at the bottom

GPS coordinates- ±°.’N °.’W

flow- perennial 

season to visit- Spring and Fall... but July and August are likely to flashflood: NEVER ENTER ANY SLOT CANYON WHEN HEAVY RAIN IS IN THE FORECAST…!!!

accommodations- none- within the Gila Wilderness

ownership- Gila National Forest

access- The Rain Creek Trailhead… see the map below

nearest town- Glenwood is about 20 miles west of here

fun fact- deep... deep... WILDERNESS...! ! !



James Madson Trip Report

We started out about 6 am and made good time up to the confluence of the forks of Rain Creek in about 3 hrs. Trail was easy to follow till near the confluence. From there we bushwhacked up the ridge. It was hard going there was one rock formation we had to go down and round. It was talked that coming in from the west fork at the saddle could be easier. From the saddle we continued up the ridge till we found a spot we could drop into the canyon. It took another 3 hrs to do that part and we we're at about 7.5 miles to the top of the canyon. First we down climbed a small falls then reached the first drop of ~40feet... there was some water-flow here. The next rappel was ~20 feet.  From there we down climbed a small Cascade and the next rappel was about 20 feet.  Then a 30 footer, followed by a 15-20 foot drop. The next rappel was the largest at about 150 feet it is the big waterfall that you see on satellite image.


We didn't see any fish below this falls and wondered if there could be another falls. After a short hike we found the last 2 rappels... a 30 foot rappel into a log jam and a short 10 footer to exit. After this were no more falls. We caught the trail and hiked out. Total trip time was about 14 hours and 15.7 miles.


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 Enhanced USGS topo map

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Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons”

To see trailhead access click: http://www.dougscottart.com/hobbies/waterfalls/WestFkMogo.htm


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