Cañon Tapia

ACA Canyon Rating – 1A III

This canyon is closed during Native American Ceremonies




KD and CT have SCARED an AMAZING PUBLIC TREASURE…!!!  This thoughtless graffiti is engraved directly upon Tapia Canyon Natural Bridge that is shown below…What if Everyone did this…???

Tapia Canyon Natural Bridge is over 60’ wide by about 25’ high.  Behind it is a wonderful slot canyon.  The natural bridge and the slot canyon are both at the mouth of a tributary to Tapia Canyon.

The photo below shows the tributary side of the natural bridge

…Below is the view looking out of the slot canyon to the natural bridge seen thru the opening

There are many slot canyons throughout the entire length of Tapia Canyon… mostly in the tributaries while Tapia Canyon is more of a sheer-wall, box canyon


Tapia Arch, shown below is maybe 20’ high and 10’ wide.  It is about a mile downstream from the natural bridge.


…below is a “conclave” in the sandstone wall and a 60’ high spire found up a southern tributary about a mile above the parking area

This last photo below is of a slot canyon tributary to the north, only a few hundred yards from your parked wheels

David Roybal friend


beta facts:

name- Cañon Tapia 

depth of slot portion- average of roughly 40’ to 80’ feet

length of canyon- from vehicle parking to the extreme upper end of the Canon Puente Slot Canyon is about seven miles

elevation- 6550’at the top of Puente Slot down to 5950’at the parking area

GPS coordinates- ±35°27.569’N 107°13.166’W at the top of Puente Slot and ±35°30.363’N 107°08.956’W at the lower end parking area

flow- occasional intermittent seeps

accommodations- None

ownership- it is checker-board mostly BLM with some private, and some Indian Lands… and even Cibola National Forest at the upper end of Canon Puente

access- is from Road #279… see the map below

nearest town- none

fun fact- the checker-board ownership throws a curve-ball into the works…ah…er…whose land am I walking on…???    This is a controversial place



essay bro

Cañon Tapia in English is Tapia Canyon.  Tapia is a Spanish sir-name.  Tapia Canyon is special.  The photos and the beta above, along with the map below tell the story of this controversial and “hard to find” place.

Right-click-save-as to print yourself a hard-copy of our map below.  



Click here to see a more detailed and larger map of this area


Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons”         The shaded green is Cibola National Forest          The shaded grey is private land         The shaded cream color below is BIA land       the rest is BLM                                


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