Cañon Salado

This is a box canyon but one of its tributaries up over 6600’ elevation, is a short but sweet little slot canyon that is a kick-in-the-pants...!!!  It is shown in the first photo below and it’s GPS cords are: 35°30.663’N 107°14.262’W



Below is a sweet little slot canyon tributary to upper Salado Canyon.  It is less than a quarter-mile long but it resembles a “fire-escape.”  It is great...!!!  It drops–off very steep just below this photo, but ropes are not needed to ascend or descend this sweet little canyon.


The upper Salado Canyon within the Cibola National Forest has extreme beauty... AND a nice flowing stream...


...And... a small natural arch

...AND some high, over-hanging canyon walls...

...And... lush vegetation...

However BLM Road 1103 accessing the Cibola National Forest from above is closed more than it is open...see the sign below:


A 20’ high clear spring-flow weeping-wall- waterfall in lower Salado Canyon about 2 miles upstream from HWY 279



beta facts:

name- Cañon Salado

elevation- 7000’at the top down to 6000’at the bottom

GPS coordinates- ±35°30.370’N 107°15.679’W at the top and ±35°30.651’N 107°09.683’W at the lower end

season to visit- drier months of the year, like April, May, June, September, October and November… NEVER ENTER ANY SLOT CANYON WHEN HEAVY RAIN IS IN THE FORCAST…!!!

accommodations- NONE

ownership- is checkerboard – Cibola National Forest and BLM being predominate however, private and native lands are present, so travel carefully…

access- is from below on Hwy 279 … see the map below

nearest town- none

fun fact- Upper Salado Canyon within the Cibola National Forest is a “hidden treasure” ...but the road to access it from above is not open very much of the time.


essay bro

The lower box canyon, a couple miles above Hwy 279, has two spring fed waterfalls... and the upper box canyons within Cibola National Forest have timber stands of pine and fir... with one short-but-sweet section of slot canyon.  The choice of road in is difficult and locked gates are prohibitive.  Upper Salado Canyon is best accessed from the Cibola National Forest above –via BLM Road 1103.


Cañon Salado appears horizontal across the middle of the map below.  Please feel free to right-click-save-as our map image, to have your own hard copy.


Enhanced USGS topo map

Red Lines depict “slot canyons” and/or “box canyons” - Shaded green is Cibola National Forest - Shaded grey is private land - The rest is BLM ...including the pink “wilderness study area”

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