Red Wash

ACA Canyon Rating – 1A II


There is much more to Red Wash than what first meets the eye…


Red Wash Canyon is a beautiful “open” canyon with several wonderful “slot” portions in and around it.  The photo above is of the first 20’ dry falls


The photo below is of a 5’ wide natural arch at this first falls


This sweet “little slot” canyon is a tributary on your right, between your car and the first falls shown above.  It is 50’ deep and so narrow that I had to turn sideways to walk…


The 10’ wide natural bridge below spans the first arroyo on your left, below the upper 20’ high dry falls.  It can be seen from Red Wash but must be accessed by a steep long climb.  See map below.


…the beautiful, 20’ high, upper dry falls


The following photo is from the top… looking down the AMAZING Middle Fork Red Wash.  This is a finely sculpted slot…the real CRUX of Red Wash Canyon.  see map below…


…some fine red slickrock scrambling within the Middle Fork Red Wash…

Good scrambling without ropes…

The Middle Fork Red Wash has a colorful palette…




beta facts:

name- Red Wash

elevation- 6300’ at the top down to 6100’ at the bottom

GPS coordinates- ±36°14.457’N 106°22.423’W

flow- intermittent

season to visit- drier months of the year, like May, June, September, October and November… NEVER ENTER ANY SLOT CANYON WHEN HEAVY RAIN IS IN THE FORCAST…!!!

accommodations- NONE

ownership- Carson National Forest

access- from HWY 84 about 3.6 miles west of Abiquiu… see the map below

fun fact- a friend shared this place with me




Enhanced USGS topo map by Doug Scott Please right-click-save-as and make yourself a hard copy of this map

The thin Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons”

____________________________one mile_____________________________


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