Red Wall Canyon & Little Red Wall Canyon

ACA Canyon Rating – 1B II


Red Wall Canyon is a beautiful “Box Canyon” with sheer red sandstone walls and a small perennial stream.... old abandon beaver dams give testimony to their existence in the resent past...


...notice the heavy and thick dark-timber stands of Douglas Fir...



...I am enjoying this place...

These Red Wall Canyon cliffs rise more than 100’ overhead, and the lush vegetation makes bushwhacking very laborious


Nate ...finds a channel...

An old, dry log blocks the slot canyon leading to a very high cliff  drop-off”  into Red Wall Canyon from its upstream end

There is hope that beavers will return into Red Wall Canyon soon, because a very active beaver dam thrives at the mouth of Little Red Wall Canyon


Scroll way down this page to see the photos of “Little” Red Wall Canyon...



beta facts:

name- Red Wall Canyon

depth of box portion - 100 feet or more

length of Red Wall Canyon - one-quarter mile

length of Little Red Wall Canyon – one-eighth mile

elevation- 8000’

GPS coordinates- ±35°11.488’N 108°15.204’W

flow- perennial 

season to visit- spring, summer and fall

accommodations- NONE

ownership- Cibola National Forest

access- is from  Forest Road #50… see the map below

nearest town- Bluewater Lake is about 11 miles northeast of here

fun fact- this place is crazy beautiful and is a crazy out-of-context-surprise place...!!!


essay bro

Red Wall Canyon and Little Red Wall Canyon are an unexpected surprise kind of place.  Who would guess... who would know... who would expect...  -  wheet-wheew......!!!!!!!

...and, Upper Bluewater Canyon is a beauty-

-see map below-

-But be careful for private land-


“Right-click-save-as” our map below, so you can print yourself a hard copy.


Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of Box Canyons – Shaded Grey is private land



Little Red Wall Canyon

My friend Nate shoots a photo of wild flowers near the head of Little Red Wall Canyon

....and below we scramble some “steeps”....


Little Red Wall Canyon heads out via a beautiful sculpted slot canyon


Little Red Wall Canyon is full of aspens......


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