Purgatory Chasm

ACA Canyon Rating – 1A I


Purgatory Chasm is not the best slot canyon in this area... but it is a nice place and easy to visit


beta facts:

name- Purgatory Chasm

depth of slot portion- maybe 40 feet

length of slot canyon- maybe as much as a half-mile adding all the tributaries together...

elevation- 6200’

GPS coordinates- ±33°02.346’N 108°09.055’W

flow- intermittent with some springs sometimes...

season to visit- most any time

accommodations- nearby restrooms and water at Lake Roberts Campgrounds

ownership- Gila National Forest

access- is from Hwy 35… see the map below

nearest town- Silver City is about 20 miles southwest of here

fun fact- There are many slot canyons all around this whole area


essay bro

Purgatory Chasm Trail is marked with signs and roadside parking near Lake Roberts... and this Purgatory Chasm is one of the least impressive narrow canyons in this area.

See also on this same website: Lake Roberts Slot Canyons


Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot and/or box canyons”


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