Hell’s Half Acre

-Hell’s Half Acre is more than three sections in size, near Silver City, with many miles of many slot canyons-

ACA Canyon Rating – 2B III



These two photos above were taken within the canyon labeled “narrow slot” on the map below.  The Jay Hemphill photo above is a black & white of me turning blue in the COLD water....! !


Both photos below are of Maple Canyon, in the heart of Hell’s Half Acre… it is amazing and can be located in the center of the map at the bottom of this page



YL Canyon in the photo below, is the “mother” canyon of Hell’s Half Acre.  It is a box canyon and not a slot canyon.  Twenty or more of its tributaries are slot canyons.


My friend Jay hemphill climbs like a mountain goat in a slot a couple hundred yards from Bear Creek


The two photos below are of a slot canyon across-the-street from the “narrow slot”



The next three photos are on the way into “The Boulders” area.... see the map below

The “Eye Arch” is a small landmark near “The Boulders”


The Jay Hemphill photo below is within Long Slot which is a mile and a half long.... nearby Lower Long Slot Canyon is about a mile in length



beta facts:

name- Hell’s Half Acre

elevation- about 5100’ elevation

GPS coordinates- ±32°56.762’N 108°27.831’W

flow- some intermittent

season to visit- anytime except July and August are safe… NEVER ENTER ANY SLOT CANYON WHEN HEAVY RAIN IS IN THE FORCAST…!!!

accommodations- NONE

ownership- mostly BLM

access- is from Bear Mountain Road… see the map below

nearest town- Silver City is about 15 miles southeast of here

fun fact- this place is immense


essay bro

Hell’s Half Acre is very large and takes many days to experience.  A 15 mile drive out Bear Mountain Road will bring you to your parking place at: GPS ±32°55.777’N 108°26.044’W  -Bear Mountain Road is reached by taking North Alabama Street in Silver City northward, and as you travel north on N Alabama St it will turn into Cottage San Road...which then continuing northward this turns into Bear Mountain Road.


....please right-click-save-as the map below and bring your own hard-copy of it with you.  Happy exploring....! ! !


The upper reaches of Long Slot, Lower Long Slot, “narrow slot” and most of the other slot canyons will require rappelling. 

Expect pitches to 100 feet and more.......! ! !


Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons” and/or box canyons * Gray = Private Land * Blue = State Land * and BLM Lands have no color added * Dotted lines show hiking “routes”


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