Cañon Guadalupe

ACA Canyon Rating – 1B II



Cañon Guadalupe has everything… sheer walls, slot canyons, natural tunnels, bunches of natural arches, a perennial stream …and even a waterfall…!!!  But it is mostly all dirt.


A “dirt” ten foot falls here…and the perennial water flow springs up from deep within soft sand, creating occasional dangerous “quicksand.”  Some of which our hiking sticks could not find the bottom…!!!

Slot canyons turn into natural tunnels that open up into sheer-walled, open pits… all made of dangerous crumbly DIRT…!!!

Below is the only rock we found along the creek bottom, a very short but beautifully sculpted, narrow slot or notch with a long pool of clear spring-water passing thru it…just below the upper falls.


On each side and lifted up above the dirt inner gorge… are beautiful sandstone formations as shown in the photo below

…with an 8’ sandstone natural arch “Guadalupe Arch”

as well as a short but sweet sandstone slot canyon …see the map below




beta facts:

name- Cañon Guadalupe

elevation- about 5900’

GPS coordinates- ±35°31.850’N 107°09.816’W

flow- perennial flowing stream

accommodations- none – Chamisa Wilderness Study Area

ownership- BLM publiclands

access- is from above on State Road #179… see the map below

nearest town- San Ysidro is about 24 air-miles east of here

fun fact- this is a nice place.  I wish to spend more time here.


essay bro

The road shown on the map below, that runs up the south side of the canyon is washed away.  It now run out into 50’ “air” …so take the road that runs up the north side of the canyon to park your wheels…and follow cow trails that will take you wherever you want to go.  Just above the falls is one of the few places you can safely cross sides of the creek and canyon.



Click here to see a larger more detailed map of this area


Enhanced USGS topo map

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons”

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