Gallina Canyon see photos at bottom of page

ACA Canyon Rating – 1B III

 …is the “mother canyon” to 11 slot canyons shown there on the map below plus many un-named small slots…!!!



Enhanced USGS topo map by Doug Scott

The Red Lines depict sections of “slot canyons”


We have divided this map into two maps, North and Middle, trying to achieve a more clean & clear image on line.  Please use this map in conjunction with our smaller maps that appear on each canyon’s individual page.


North Map Chama Canyon Wilderness




Middle Map Chama Canyon Wilderness


Gallina Canyon is an amazing canyon hike and it can be hiked from end to end without trespassing. However you MUST stay off of the private land… There is more private land in Gallina Canyon than there is public land.  It is about 40% public lands and 60% private lands.  The private lands are fenced and posted.  To stay off of the four separate pieces of private land you must do as follows:  Walk around the upper piece of private land to the west of it.  Walk around ALL of the other private land pieces on the south side.




A very pleasant way to maximize enjoying Gallina Canyon is to plan a vacation at:

Gallina Canyon Ranch

…it is Amazing…!!!

Click this link:

Forest Road 474, Abiquiu, NM 87510

(505) 490-3333

Gallina Canyon Ranch is the best way to visit and enjoy these amazing “slot canyons” of the Chama Canyon Wilderness.  All the slot canyons can be visited with normal hiking from here.  In fact, vacationing at Gallina Canyon Ranch is the only way to see the grand portions of Big Canyon Slot and the other slot canyons of this area… without technical rock climbing and repelling equipment and experience.  Gallina Canyon Ranch is truly amazing and is the only reasonable hiking access to this western portion of the Chama Canyon Wilderness.   



beta facts:

name- Gallina Canyon

canyon depth- 1500 feet

elevation- ±6800’ riverbed at the upper end down to ±6400’ riverbed at the mouthof the canyon

GPS coordinates- ±36°23.464’N 106°48.647’W riverbed at the top down to ±106°22.266’N 106°40.788’W riverbed at the mouth

flow- perennial stream

season to visit- anytime… but December thru March will be icy and snowy AND JULY AND AUGUST WILL HAVE OCCASIONAL FLASHFLOODS…!!!

accommodations- NONE –Chama Canyon Wilderness Area

ownership- Santa Fe National Forest and private land

access- see the map above

fun fact- this is a wonderful place


Gallina Canyon Photos

The west end or the upstream end of Gallina Canyon at the primitive parking, is a beautiful grove of aspens


…around the first bend, the beautiful cliffs begin… and climb quickly to hundreds of feet high…


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