Canoa Canyon

ACA Canyon Rating – 2A III



The half mile long SLOT portion of Canoa Canyon, below “Canoa Spring”, has the remains of a sheep bridge 50’ overhead


Canoa Canyon Slot has more small natural arches than you can count…!!! …some up to 6 feet…!!!




beta facts:

name- Canoa Canyon

depth of slot portion-feet- up to about 60’

length of slot canyon- one half mile

elevation- 6400’

GPS coordinates- ±35°28.050’N 107°12.966’W

flow- intermittent

season to visit- drier months of the year, like March thru June, September, October and November… NEVER ENTER ANY SLOT CANYON WHEN HEAVY RAIN IS IN THE FORCAST…!!!

accommodations- NONE

ownership- Cibola National Forest, BLM, private and BIA

access- is from State Hwy 279… see the map below

nearest town- NONE

fun fact- WOW. . . ! ! !


essay bro

Canon Canoa has a fine half-mile long slot canyon, a short ways downstream from perennial flowing Canoa Spring.  It is a wonderfully sculpted slot having more small natural arches than you can count... some up to six feet across...!!  Check out the footbride remains 60’ overhead in the photo above.

Canoa Slot is a tributary to Tapia Canyon.  A nice 15 mile loop hike runs up Tapia, thru the Puente Slot Canyon and back down thru the Canoa Slot Canyon... returning down the Tapia Box to your wheels. 


You will find Canoa Canyon way down near the bottom of the map below.  This canyon is susceptible to flash-flooding during the July and August thunderstorm season.


Enhanced USGS topo map

Red Lines depict “slot canyons”      Shaded green is Cibola National Forest        Shaded grey is private land       Shaded cream color below is BIA land       The rest is BLM 


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