Bluewater Box Canyon

This is not a slot canyon

ACA Canyon Rating – 1C II


Bluewater Box Canyon is one of New Mexico’s fine hikes



beta facts:

name- Bluewater Box Canyon

depth of box portion – up to 400 feet

length of slot canyon – 9 miles

elevation- 7000’

GPS coordinates- ±35°17.598’N 108°01.705’W near the trail at the lower end

flow- a trout stream

season to visit- anytime... but January and December are a little cold

accommodations- NONE

ownership- mostly public land

access- see the map below

nearest town- Bluewater is about 2˝ miles southwest of here

fun fact- this is a great trail-hike but how did those two automobiles get down into the bottom of this sheer-walled box canyon...!!!


...more info here:



 Navajo Land has a section mid-way thru this canyon


Enhanced USGS topo map

________one mile_______


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