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Doug Scott Art Workshops

I want to share what I have learned, with anyone eager to learn…!!!

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Doug Scott
 oil on canvas painting
 $275   ~   15 artists maximum


We apologize that no classes are scheduled at this time


 Bed and breakfast is available for $100/nite per couple or $60/nite per single at
 Scott's 4000 sq ft home ...private rooms and breakfast... and how ‘bout some music.


camping is available
 9:00 am Friday... we will meet at Doug Scott Showroom

115 E Plaza #D
 Taos, New Mexico


…we will get acquainted…

 …and talk art and learn about supplies used in my method…

and begin working … lite-lunch makings will be provided.

We’ll choose the image, size, and position it to look good
 on our canvas… and learn to "draw" with true proportion…!!!

By 5 pm we should have our first layer of paint on our canvas.


 Saturday 9 to 5… we’ll do layers... and more layers… lite-lunch makings will be provided.

 Sunday we move into color and finish our
 masterpiece followed by a group critique…  culminating with a

5 pm informal dinner at Doug and Vivian's private home.
Bring your easel and some of your favorite brushes (up to 1" - round and flat) 

a high quality 18” x 24” pre-gessoed canvas will be available to purchase here if you do not bring your own. 

Doug Scott will provide the paint and cleaner. 




Beverly and 14 year old Echo are two of the four happy workshop takers from September 2009...

Description: Bev-studentlo  Description: Echo student

“Doug assisted us through barriers that I thought I could not break through” ...Beverly


Happy Doug Scott Workshop takers in May 2010…!!!!

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Happy Doug Scott Workshop takers in June 2010…!!!!

Description: june 2010 workshop


and a great time with these workshoppers in July 2010

Description: July2010Workshop


August 2010 group

Description: August2010


happy October 2010 people

Description: Oct2010


Nov 2010Description: Nov2010

Description: Aug 2011

...the August 2011 group did well...!!!

and more smiles from March 2012.

July 2012…

...please visit Doug Scott’s entire website...


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